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I’ve done three remodeling projects with McBeth Homes. I keep hiring them back because Dustin and his team are a joy to work with. They follow through, they’re extremely competent, and they are so positive to work with. When I knew I had a party coming up and wanted to add a patio to my house, I asked them if they could do it in three weeks, and they did. I started on my latest renovation project when Dustin was available to be the contractor because I knew the project would turn out more positively than it would with other contractors I’ve used in the past. McBeth Homes was able to take  my ideas for what I wanted my house to be and turn it into a place that feels like home. That’s the best part of working with McBeth Homes; I got a house that I truly love and feel comfortable in. Dustin and his team definitely do quality work, complete all their work at the highest level, and exceed expectations.